System Features 

Infection Control 

Single use to prevent the risk of cross contamination. 

Centralized Station 

Certainty's™ wall mount, table top and floor stand dispensers offer a gentle, quick and convenient alternative to soap and water. 

Waste Management 

Wipes are dispensed one at a time, reducing waste, overuse and only the wipe used is touched for superior hygiene. 


Quick & Easy 

Cleaning your hands and face after meals has never been easier. The wipes are easily dispensed with one hand to ensure a quick and simple hygienic cleaning process. 

No-Rinse Cleaning 

No-Rinse cleaning offered from our wipes eliminates the usage of washcloths which can contain harmful bacteria. 


Promote a wellness program within your facility. Employees, residents and their family will all share in the convenience and benefits.

Product Information

Product Code: 21000

Unique Features
A strong premium quality hand and face wipe. Ideal for quick and easy clean ups after and before meals. Fragrance and Alcohol free Non-irritating formula with added vitamin E and Aloe

Product Benefits
Fragrance Free
Alcohol Free
Prevents Cross-Contamination
Lowers Risk of Infection

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